Student Support Network

We are building a Student Support Network (SSN) for undergraduate and graduate students of color interested in Ecology and/or Environmental Science (EE) in order to provide a digital (virtual) platform for peer mentorship.

To join the SSN, please click here to sign-up. We will notify you on a rolling basis!

Timeline: earliest start date Oct 15 – until you graduate from being a student. After graduating, you can still continue to participate in the network by transitioning to non-student membership.

  • No expectations or commitments, but opportunities include: 
    • Connect with students and faculty of color in ecology 
    • Lead and/or participate in creating reading lists/topic-based spaces  
    • Share and/or access to EE career information and EE internship opportunities  
    • Update, learn, and/or comment on EE/Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice in current events (cultural, economic, political, etc.) 
    • Receive UNIDE newsletters and/or contribute to publicize your achievements!  

Other potential opportunities include:

  • Conference outreach (# students depend on the conference call, likely 5-7 per conference): Present UNIDE related research topics at conferences. You will be paid for the hours required to prepare for the presentation. The conference registration, housing, flights, ground transport, and food will be subsidized.  
  • In-person workshop (10-15 students, once a year): Students meet and interact with steering committee (and maybe other faculty in the network) around a specific set of topics/themes in order to facilitate a deeper form of networking, such as references for recommendation letters. Attendance at the workshop is unpaid but planning the event is a paid form of participation (see SAB roles).  
  • Research on DEIJ in EE (open to anyone): Guided opportunities to participate and collaborate on student-led research on issues of DEIJ in EE (unpaid benefits include skill-building and authorship on publications). See ‘conference outreach’ for presentation opportunities.