Student Advisory Board (2023-2024)

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In accordance with UNIDE’s mission to uplift underrepresented voices in ecology and environmental biology, SAB member Bryan Guevara would like to showcase Jonathan Enriquez at Indiana University. Jonathan is someone who once thought that he would never have the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education. His extenuating circumstances made it seem impossible, yet today he is a full-fledged PhD student in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior at Indiana University. Watch to learn more about him and his incredible work!

Yeishmary M. Soto Muñiz, a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico majoring in Environmental Science and a member of the SAB requests your help. She has created a questionnaire to understand and address the diverse voices, identities, and challenges within the ecology and environmental science fields. Its main purpose is to identify areas where improvements can be made to create a more inclusive and equitable science.

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